The brand

Freya could be defined as contemporary-chic brand where the classics of jewelry are reshaped to be less conventional.

This reflection is linked to my vision of modern women - called the contemporary goddesses - who shape their future with the inheritance transmitted by amazing women. This is also why jewelry are named after women who have made history. 

The whole production is made in Switzerland. The gold we use is recycled in the German part of Switzerland and the production takes place in Geneva.  It is important for me to benefit the Swiss expertise but also to work with local companies. 

Blanc Clair Simple Présentation.png
Fanny Dufour - Founder of Freya

The designer

"Passionate about fashion and fascinated by entrepreneurship, I have been dreaming of sharing this line of jewelry for several years.


Born and raised in Switzerland, I studied at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne and took jewelry drawing courses. After working for international companies, my passion took over; Freya was born.


I imagine and design all the pieces, then work with amazing craftsmen to bring them to life."