Together, we will create the jewelry of your dreams!

Whether you have an idea for a piece of jewelry, a stone to be set or a family jewel that you would like to transform, I will assist you on this beautiful journey. 

Find out how it works in 4 steps.

For all custom made jewelry, it can take about 2 to 5 months from the first discussion to the reception of your jewelry depending on the level of complexity. If you have a shorter deadline, please reach out to me! I will try to manage to make it shorter if feasible.

Let's speak about your dream jewelry!

Thank you!

1. Let's talk!

For all creations, we start by discussing your project, your budget and deadline.


This first step can be done by phone or in person between Geneva & Montreux - Switzerland.

2. The offer

I will then draw up an offer.


Once validated, a 50% deposit will be asked to start your special project.

3. The creation

Following your ideas, I will submit some first sketchs and before creating your jewelry I will show you a 3D design. 


This step allows us to have a clear vision of how your jewel will be and to ensure that all your desires are met.

4. Your jewelry

Once the design is approved amazing jewellers will execute the design of your dreams.

All jewels are made in Geneva - Switzerland.