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The signet ring: the symbolic jewel turned fashion accessory.

A bit of history

The signet ring is a symbolic piece of jewelry that was once a sign of belonging to the nobility. It also had a function as it allowed documents to be sealed.

Today, signet rings have been democratized and are part of the most personalized jewels. This fashion accessory nevertheless retains a strong meaning, an emotional aspect of belonging to a family and the heritage that can be made of it.

The signet ring is a gift that can be given for a special occasion or to several members of a family. Very popular, the signet ring is a trendy accessory for both men and women. The upper part of the signet ring can be embellished with an engraving and/or precious stones.


On which finger should a signet ring be worn?

Traditionally, men wore signet rings on their left ring finger, just like their wedding rings. Some decided to wear it on the index finger, which was a sign of power.

Women and the youngest members of the family wore it preferably on the right little finger. The orientation of the engraving had a meaning: the motif is turned towards the wearer: she is in a relationship, the motif is in the direction of the nail: the person is free.

Times are changing and it is no longer mandatory to wear the signet ring according to tradition. It is a piece of jewelry that can now be worn on the finger of your choice!


Freya tips

Men now mostly wear it on either their little finger, ring finger or index finger.

Women keep the little finger for everyday wear.

What about you?

In gold or silver, create your custom signet ring now!

Let's talk about it

Example of a custom signet ring, from the prototype to the final jewel.

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