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Freya custom made wedding ring

Engagement rings and wedding bands

We do offer wedding band and engagement rings for him and her.  Discover a few pieces in gold 18k.

For all custom made jewellery, it can take about 2 to 3 months from the first discussion to the reception of your jewelry depending on the level of complexity. If you have a shorter deadline, please reach out to me! I will try to manage to make it shorter if feasible.

Special offer: If you purchased an engagement ring with us, you will get a 10% on your wedding bands.

Let's talk about your project!

Thank you!

Download our FREE ebooks to help you in your project

e book diamond engagement ring Freya
Freya custom made jewellery

Create a unique piece

We also do full custom made rings for him and her.

For custom made piece, we will discuss your project so we can get all information to provide you an offer. 


During the whole process, we will provide you 3D visuals to have a clear vision of how your jewel will be and to ensure that all your desires are met.

When the final design has been approved, your ring will be made by local craftsmen in Geneva.

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